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Dry Skin

dry wit

Social capital

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33 year-old graphic designer living and working in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Enjoying the quiet life in a small city.

microserfs / the_weez

The most accurate assessment of me:
alexander payne, andy, arrested development, beer, boards of canada, boilermaker, calexico, cameron frye, carrot top, cash peters, charlie kaufman, chris eigeman, cockney slang, colin firth, conspiratorial glee, crispin glover, daniel clowes, danigolden, david brancaccio, dead poets society, devo, digger stiles, disco inferno, douglas coupland, drinking haterade, faggotry, febreze, feminism, frank lloyd wright, freaks and geeks, garlic, harlan ellison, harry potter, huell howser, imperial teen, inside jokes, interpol, ira glass, james kochalka, jeff buckley, john safran, john steinbeck, joy division, judd apatow, kids in the hall, kraftwerk, margaret cho, martin scorsese, mexican folk art, microserfs, millennium sass, missy elliott, mogwai, mr. show, museums, my bloody valentine, my morning jacket, national public radio, neil labute, nicole holofcener, nutella, oingo boingo, oscar wilde, patton oswalt, paul thomas anderson, pauly shore, pavement, peter sellers, phil keoghan, pinback, piñatas, public radio international, pulp, quasi, religious art, rené magritte, richard linklater, ricky jay, roscoe's chicken and waffles, roseanne, ross zietz, sebadoh, seth rogen, sleater-kinney, spoon, taking long baths, tbtl, tea, television, the amazing race, the american analog set, the beach boys, the edge, the fall, the family ghost, the jade shader, the rentals, the sea and cake, the standard, the summer olympics, the talent family, the trans megetti, the vehicle birth, the velvet teen, the velvet underground, the who, the young ones, three mile pilot, tom waits, toni collette, trash pop culture, tristeza, trivia battles, u2, unwound, veronica mars, weezer, wes anderson, whit stillman, wire

Social capital

  • less than 10