He just died. Still warm. Not struggling anymore. I wasn't supposed to get here till Tuesday. He liked that I always remembered his birthday.
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A Means to an End.

I am officially 100% sterilized. Finally. It's taken about a year and it's been painful and stressful... I am hopped up on percocet and busy planning things for our trip to New York City on Saturday.

I figured that I would give up on Livejournal around the time I turned 30, and other than snarking on ONTD, I pretty much have. I am sad about it because I have met some amazing people on here. I'm so bad at making friends. It was easier on the computer.

Yeah, I'm watching Nicolas Cage movie. This was before he totally went off the deep end.

I need to take a nap. I need to pack for the trip. I need to plan dinner. I need to take a nap. I need to get a pedicure. I need to take a nap.
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maple syrup

Fertile Myrtle.

Third time's a charm? We'll know in three months.

For now, I'll ride this Percocet/Valium train into the sunset...
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Pretend Kids.

It felt weird to uninstall The Sims 2. The Sims 3 people are too blobby for my liking... but the game is so much faster. So... onward and upward.

Here is Beatrix, our eldest daughter.

She looks like Alison Pill.

Now I want to watch Scott Pilgrim.
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Player One.

Sometime ago (winter before last I think?), I was approached by Annie with the news that I was being asked to help with a very special project.

The news was that Douglas Coupland had been chosen to do 2010's Massey Lectures in Canada, and he wanted his fans to help. There is a core group of fans who were all on a mailing list (Remember those? I made so many friends on Words + Guitar.) who knew each other, and everyone on that list (called Campers) was asked to help. Annie asked me to help too, since I founded microserfs, which used to be fairly busy and vibrant back before livejournal died.

The project was to go through all of Doug's book and to select quotes/aphorisms that struck one as being "Couplandesque." We were trying to help him find the major themes of his work, which would assist him in finding the story for his lectures. I worked on a chapter of Microserfs (TrekPolitiks, I think), I was on the Eleanor Rigby team, and I tackled "jPod" the teevee show with one other person.

It was fun and exciting to have an awesome project to work on. It was an honor to be asked, and a thrill to help with whatever the eventual result was going to be. Ever since I read Microserfs the summer before 10th grade, Douglas Coupland has been my favorite writer.

Last month, Douglas Coupland gave his lectures, and now they're available online for your listening pleasure. You can get them here through Sunday. They're also on iTunes but I don't use iTunes, so no link.

The lectures ended up being a novel, and check out this acknowledgments page:

I can't even describe how it feels to have my name and the names of several e-buddies on the thank you page of my favorite author's latest book. It was enough when our names were listed on the website for a short while, but this was unexpected and a little breathtaking.

I didn't get to go to the lectures, but several Campers did, and erinaf was RAD enough to get a signed copy for me.

I fucking love the internet.
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