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Cobblestones Galore.

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Philadelphia. It was really great and really exhausting.

More later, I promise. Now it's time to rest.

Chilled Monkey Brains.



Plus swimming.

This heat wave is killin' me. Not as much as lifting weights... but the two together is too much. It's been a tough week.

Minneapolis Funstravaganza 2009 1.0!

On May 30, I went to Minneapolis with Andy, TJ, & Sarah. We went to see Gogol Bordello and it was awesome!

Look! An actual skyline!

We saw a military convoy on the way up. It was probably 2 miles long.

We stopped for gas in Albert Lea and saw this hat. I would have bought it if it was big enough for my head.

They played in a parking lot between two bars, one of which was a biker bar. I hadn't seen hipsters in so long that it was a little jarring. There were people there working a lot of look and it made me feel young again.

Andy and I went to the biker bar and got drinks and snacks. TJ & Sarah are hardcore and were smushed up near the stage.

The weather was perfect.

I danced the night away, until my shoulder started hurting. Then after the show, Andy went with TJ and Sarah to get drinks and hang out. I had work to do. It was so unpleasant to have to hurry back to the hotel room after such a great show and then work on a computer. Bad times.

But... I finished it somehow and the next day, we went to the Mall of America.


I mean, they have a Lego store.

As you can see, I purchased some Lego items.

Just wanted to include some sort of proof that TJ and/or Sarah were actually with us on the trip.

We stopped at the one Denny’s in Iowa on the way back and it was a mistake. They were out of a bunch of stuff, our waitress was stoned and/or deaf, and it took about an hour to get our food. So... it was a genuine Denny’s experience.

Welcome Home.

Andy and I finally finished our big piece of art for the living room today.

Ok, we actually started yesterday, but this took several hours and there were tense moments.
I think it looks pretty great, and I'm proud of our first rasterbation. 8 feet by 4 feet was ambitious, but I wanted something that would take up the whole wall.

Our housewarming gift from TJ and Sarah arrived in the mail yesterday:

Delicious! And also not delicious.

New apartment is coming together, slowly.


1. Don't be jealous that I saw Kenny Powers in person at the demolition derby on Sunday.

2. Go ahead and be jealous of Sarah.

Chili Fries.

The Hat in Alhambra, California... at the corner of Garfield and Valley.
Visiting my grandma when I was little meant a trip here and sharing a sandwich with my dad. Visiting my grandma when I was older often included a trip here and a pastrami sandwich driven home to my dad.

I should be home in October for a little while.


The other week, Erin sent us some delicious pastries.

A new dessert shop opened in Hillcrest, and Erin thoughtfully overnighted us these delicious macarons!

They were tasty so beautiful. It was a lovely gesture... especially from Erin, who once made soap versions of the macarons, she loves them so much.

We got my new desk today and put it together in record time. It took about 4 and a half hours and it was relatively pain-free. I know that it was nowhere near as difficult to put together as my dresser was. That destoyed Anne and me.

There was supposed to be a big storm tonight, but it seems to have fizzled out.

I've only gotten about 10 hours of sleep in the past two days, so I'm going to go pass out.

Late Twenties.

I got our U2 tickets today. I'll spend the last day of my twenty eighth year seeing my favorite band with my favorite person. Not bad, I say... not bad.

Hopefully we get a good deal on a hotel. Sadly, the White Sox are not in town that weekend. We'll go see them play sometime this season, I hope. I'm really interested in seeing Carlos Quentin play. I remember him when he was 11, all gangly with a bowl cut. Now he's a grown ass man, a star baseball player.
Time flies.

I was sick over the weekend... stayed out later than I maybe should have on Saturday and yesterday I was feverish and sickly. I seem to be better today. I hope I stay better. It was a perfect storm of Andy being sick, the bloodening, and changing seasons. Spring is in the air, rain is in the air, bird songs are in the air.
I'm still not used to seasons. I'm not used to a wardrobe that cycles in and out because of the weather.

Andy confirmed today that the place we were thinking of moving to is available. I've packed all of my clothes (except for what I'll be wearing for the next few weeks)... so many clothes. I've picked out a box of stuff to give to Goodwill. Ryan said he'd help us move furniture.

Lisa Lampanelli is going to be in Minneapolis on May 2. I want to go.

I Thought About This All Day.

Inspired by polianarchy's top 5 list. I may post the Silver Fox edition of this list tomorrow.

Hello, sailors...Collapse )


I feel as though I am stuck.


How the fuck is Mike White on The Amazing Race?!


Today was the first time this year that the temperature rose above freezing. The three foot-long icicles that had been hanging from our roof melted, and plenty of grass was visible in the yards around town.

I celebrated by slipping on the ice that formed on the sidewalk after the icicles melted. I managed to punch myself in the neck and tear up my elbow.


Lazy Sundays.


Andy and I sang to each other in bed. We came into one another's lives four years ago.

He makes me so happy.


We are stuck in Chicago for the night. It could be worse, I suppose.
Disappointed that we didn't make it home back to Iowa tonight. We have to get up early tomorrow, so I think we'll get dinner and then sleep.

It was a nice trip. I am more conflicted about California (and San Diego in particular) than ever.

Mild Weather.

I'll be home in less than 12 hours.

Happy new year :)

Happy Solstice!

The Long Weekend.

This was the first Thanksgiving that I've cooked more than cranberry sauce for.
I hit that shit out of the park.
Close ups in are in here.Collapse )

My dad called last night while we were... not putting up the tree, but decorating it.
He was putting up our tree at home and we talked about the ornaments that my brother and I made when we were kids. We were both about to cry, so the conversation didn't last too long.

I'll be home in a month, and I will only cry a little bit. When I see my familiar freeways, when we fly over Balboa Park, when I attend my nephew's first birthday party, when I leave.


Me and my brother on our dad's 33rd birthday.

I can't imagine.

Political Discourse.

If by "a terriost" you mean "President Elect."


I saw this sign on my morning walk:

Tomorrow we vote. Finally.